Frequently, I’m aware of the tasks I’m likely to postpone before I even begin. To counter this inclination, I adopt a proactive approach by making a ‘pre-commitment’ the moment I sense hesitation. This significantly enhances my likelihood of completing the task. Let me explain my method:

Embrace Public Accountability: My first step involves seeking external support. I either partner with a friend who serves as my accountability buddy or I announce my intentions on social media. I’m meticulous about detailing my goals, the timeframe for their completion, and when I’ll share the outcomes. This openness amplifies my commitment.

Establish Negative Reinforcements: I adopt a unique strategy for handling delays. If I miss a deadline, for instance, I impose additional exercises on myself, like an extra lap around the gym. This mindset cements the understanding that procrastination leads to added burdens, encouraging timely action.

Dedicate Time Specifically for Action: Hope is not a strategy when it comes to finding time for tasks. I ensure availability by blocking out specific slots on my calendar for these activities. My commitment to action is unwavering, irrespective of my mood swings or bouts of anxiety, which I acknowledge as normal yet insufficient reasons for delay.

Leverage Stickk for Pre-Commitment Management: To streamline my pre-commitment process, I utilize Stickk, a platform conceived by Yale University economists Dean Karlan and Ian Ayres. Their extensive field research underscores the efficacy of Commitment Contracts, making Stickk an invaluable tool in my productivity arsenal.

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