Throughout my journey, I’ve honed a distinct method for maintaining constant awareness of my priorities, effectively focusing on what matters most, and gracefully declining everything else. I’ve dubbed this method the “What? So What? Now What?” approach.

This approach becomes my north star on a daily basis, guiding me through new opportunities and complex challenges that demand sharp thinking and could significantly influence my allocation of time and resources. It revolves around three pivotal questions:

  1. What? – Identifying the essence of the opportunity or challenge at hand.
  2. So What? – Assessing the potential impact, both positive and negative.
  3. Now What? – Deciding the immediate course of action.

What makes this strategy extraordinarily effective is its simplicity and focus on immediate action, while also laying the groundwork for future planning.

The inspiration for this method came from A.J. Burton’s Reflection Model, highlighting its roots in reflective and critical thinking practices.

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