What? So What? Now What? Technique

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Over the years, I’ve developed a unique approach to constantly being aware of what’s most important, prioritizing it, and saying no to everything else. I call it the “What? So What? Now What?” approach.

Everyday when I’m presented with new opportunities or challenging situations that require critical thinking and that could have a big impact on how I spend my time and money, I ask myself the following questions:

The Dumbest Mistake That Smart People Make


This is my article on giving bad feedback. As leaders, parents, and friends, if we chronically give bad feedback we destroy relationships, make other people feel stupid, and stunt their growth. Following the NORMS of objectivity


I use what I call the “NORMS approach” to keep the feedback objective rather than subjective. Here’s how it works:

Not an interpretation. Describe the behavior, don’t interpret why someone did something.

Observable. Focus on specific behavior or outcomes that are seen or heard.